Crop Storage Location Score: Cassava (Guinea - ~ 500 m)

The raster dataset consists of a 500 m score grid for crop storage location, produced under the scope of FAO’s Hand-in-Hand Initiative, Geographical Information Systems - Multicriteria Decision Analysis for value chain infrastructure location.

The location score is achieved by processing sub-model outputs that characterize logistical factors for selected crop warehouse locations:

• Supply: Cassava. • Demand: Human population density, Major cities population (national and bordering countries). • Infrastructure/accessibility: main transportation infrastructure.

It consists of an arithmetic weighted sum of normalized grids (0 to 100): ("Crop Production" * 0.4) + (“Major Cities Accessibility” * 0.1) + (”Poverty” * 0.1) + ("Human Population Density" * 0.2) + (“Regional Cities Accessibility” * 0.1) +(“Port Accessibility” * 0.1).

Data publication: 2022-04-11

Contact points:

Resource Contact: FAO-Data

Resource Contact: Dariia Nesterenko

Data lineage:

Major data sources, FAO GIS platform Hand-in-Hand and OpenStreetMap (open data) including the following datasets:

  1. Human Population Density 2020 – WorldPop2020 - Estimated total number of people per grid-cell 1km.
  2. Mapspam Production – IFPRI's Spatial Production Allocation Model (SPAM) estimates of crop distribution within disaggregated units.;jsessionid=4AA4D377D0F90E3328ACBDB5C21BFFC6?node=srv#/metadata/0c6be5d1-3a73-4516-953b-dbe2b511d6b3
  3. OpenStreetMap.
  4. Poverty – Atlas AI 2020.

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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 IGO (CC BY-NC- SA 3.0 IGO)

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Zipped raster TIF file for Crop Storage Location Score: Cassava (Guinea - ~ 500 m)

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