Experimental test of the intrinsic dimensionality of Hounsfield unit measurements: the CT data

We present the data supporting "Experimental test of the intrinsic dimensionality of Hounsfield unit measurements" (In preparation). In this study, we passed 34 different substances in separate vials through a computed tomography (CT) scanner at 4 different voltages. At each voltage, we obtained 1824 images (in DICOM format) depicting a sequence of slices through the vials. All 7296 images are provided here. In addition, we provide a table of the substances, their masses, and their positions in the sequence.This dataset deprecates the earlier release of this data (ark:/88434/mds019bfm9). The image and substance table data are exactly the same; however, the image data has been re-arranged to make browsing and downloading more convenient.

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