Marine Shipping of Grains and Oilseeds (From 2018)

This dataset contains imports and exports of grains and oilseeds across the world from 2018 to date. The data is updated weekly. The quantity shown is in tonnes

The Cargo (Grains and Oilseeds) includes:

Alfalfa/Luzerne Pellets, Balanced Feed, Barley, Barley Bran, Barley Feed, Barley Malting, Beans, Canary Seed, Chickpeas Dried and Shelled, Chickpeas Fresh or Chilled, Citrus Pellets, Copra, Corn, Corn Bran, Corn Flint, Corn Flour, Corn Germ, Corn Gluten, Corn Gluten Feed Pellets, Corn Meal, Corn White, Corn Yellow, DDGS, Durum, Faba, Field Peas, Hull Pellets, Lentil, Linseeds, Linseeds Expellers/Meal, Lupins, Milletseeds, Molasses Cane, Mustardseeds, Oats, Oats Milling, Other Grains, Other Meal/Pellets, Other Molasses, Other Oilseeds, Other Pulses, Palm Kernel Expeller Meal, Peas, Rapemeal, Rapeseeds, Rapeseeds Cake, Rice, Rice Bran, Rice Fragrant, Rice Paddy, Rice Parboiled, Rice White, Rye, Sorghum, Sorghum Red, Soybean Pellets, Soybeans, Soybeans Hull Pellets, Soybeans Yellow, Soyconcentrate, Soymeal, Soymeal Pellets, Sugar, Sugar Beet Pulp, Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets, Sugar Raw, Sunflower Expellers, Sunmeal, Sunmeal Pellets, Sunseeds, Sunseeds Cake, Sunseeds Pellets, Wheat, Wheat Bran, Wheat Bran Pellets, Wheat Feed, Wheat Flour, Wheat Gluten Meal, Wheat Hard Red Spring, Wheat Hard Red Winter, Wheat Hard White, Wheat Milling, Wheat Mixed, Wheat Soft, Wheat Soft Red Winter

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