Mechanism of catalytic gasification of coal char. Quarterly progress report No. 12, October 1-December 31, 1983

Experiments are being performed to optimize the conversion of NaCl in the presence of carbon to an active steam gasification catalyst. During the past quarter we examined the effect on conversion of a variety of methods for addition of the NaCl to the carbonaceous material. These methods included admixture, wet impregnation and vapor deposition on Illinois No. 6 coal char and on a mineral-free carbon black, Spheron-6. Using temperature programmed reaction (TPR), we found modest enhancement in reactivity with steam of the catalyzed materials. But the degree of conversion of the NaCl to an active catalytic species was small. To understand the chemistry of the conversion process, we are examining the gaseous species in equilibrium with the NaCl-carbon admixtures using Knudsen cell mass spectrometry. These studies reveal that hydrolysis of NaCl in the presence of carbon and steam at subgasification temperatures is accompanied by a decrease in the thermodynamic activity of the NaCl. 6 references, 3 tables.

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