Novel concept development of an internal recirculation catalyst for mild gasification: Progress report, March 1-May 31, 1987

This report presents the results of work on DOE Contract AC21-86MC23057, ''Novel Concept Development of Internal Recirculation Catalysts for Mild Gasification.''The objective of the program is to provide an overall evaluation of a novel process concept for mild coal gasification by completing work in three major tasks: (1) Laboratory-Scale Experiments, (2) Bench-Scale Tests, and (3) Proof-of-Concept Tests and Evaluation (optional). All work in this quarter was performed on Task 1, Laboratory-Scale Experiments. Results from 63 experiments included devolatilization of Illinois No. 6 coal in helium and a helium-hydrogen mixture and Wyodak coal in helium. Experiments included on-line product analysis by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS). Product analysis by GC extended the upper boiling point limit of detectable products to compounds 15 carbon atoms larger than could be analyzed with the GC/MS method and substantially increased the recovery of the condensable product fraction. The presence of CsOH caused several changes in the nature of the chemical composition of the condensable devolatilization products. These included increases in the degree of aliphatic character of the product at more severe thermal conditions, an increase in the phenolic content at all thermal conditions and decreases in organosulfur compounds with accompanying increases in hydrogen sulfide. CsOH also caused large increases in the yield of carbon dioxide and slight increases in the sums of char and a heavy tar which was of insufficient volatility to leave the reaction zone. Experiments with pure n-C/sub 44/H/sub 90/ indicated that this non-volatile tar must have had a mean boiling point substantially above 1000/sup 0/F.

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