Poverty Map (Nigeria - Admin 1 and 2 - 2014)

Developing an Updated Poverty Map for Nigeria A new poverty line also based on GHS panel was constructed. The new line is of 180 Naira per capita per day in 2010 prices and yields 3000 calories as the official poverty line[4]. Converted in dollars PPP, the line becomes 1.4 dollars per capita per day, very close to the 1.25 dollars PPP line used by the World Bank for international comparisons. Two are the main reasons for using this line rather than the official. First, the official poverty line was constructed using data collected with a different methodology; the official line and the new data would not be entirely consistent. Second, the data used to construct the official line presented several problems in terms of unit values, quantities and expenditures levels; as a result also the poverty line basket was affected by the same problems and was likely underestimated.

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Country {Name} Nigeria Disaggregation level {second/third administrative level} admin 1 and 2 GIS shapefiles {Yes/No} Yes Poverty tables¹ {Yes/No} Yes Survey Year {Year} 2010/11 and 2012/13 Census Year {Year} Not applicable Poverty mapping methodology MBG Source Document (if any) {URL link or Pdf} "Developing an Updated Poverty Map for Nigeria" Organization {Name} World Bank Clearance {Yes/No} Yes Contact person² {Name, Last Name; email address} Vasco Molini; vmolini@worldbank.org Comments (if any) World Bank disaggregated elaboration, not an National Bureau of Statistics product Version* (numerical and Date; V1_ddmmyyyy; example: V1_11062014) NGA_2013_v1

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