Valley City Wetland Management District: Annual narrative report: Calendar year 1994

This annual narrative report for Valley City Wetland Management District outlines Refuge accomplishments during the 1994 calendar year. The report begins with a summary of the year's highlights and weather conditions. Land acquisition is covered. The report includes a planning section which discusses management planning and compliance with environmental and cultural resource mandates. Refuge administration is outlined; information about personnel, other manpower programs, volunteer programs, funding, safety, and technical assistance is given. Habitat management is also covered; subjects include wetlands, croplands, grasslands, grazing, haying, fire management, pest control, and WPA easements. The wildlife section of the report discusses wildlife diversity, endangered and threatened species, waterfowl, marsh birds and waterbirds, shorebirds, raptors, other migratory birds, game mammals, other resident wildlife, wildlife propagation and stocking, and marking and bird banding. The public uses of the Refuge described in this report include outdoor classrooms, interpretive programs, hunting, trapping, and law enforcement. Equipment utilization topics are described, including new construction, rehabilitation, and communications. Cooperative programs and economic uses of the Refuge are provided at the end. Brief narratives are included for Hobart Lake, Sibley Lake, Stoney Slough, and Tomahawk National Wildlife Refuges.

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