Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
OBJECTID numeric
CNTYFIPS numeric
CNTY numeric
AREA_NRI numeric
PFOR1997 numeric
PFOR1992 numeric
PFOR1987 numeric
PFOR1982 numeric
PAGR1997 numeric
PAGR1992 numeric
PAGR1987 numeric
PAGR1982 numeric
PDEV1997 numeric
PDEV1992 numeric
PDEV1987 numeric
PDEV1982 numeric
PH201997 numeric
POTH1997 numeric
AFOR1997 numeric
AFOR1992 numeric
AFOR1987 numeric
AFOR1982 numeric
AAGR1997 numeric
AAGR1992 numeric
AAGR1987 numeric
ADEV1997 numeric
ADEV1992 numeric
ADEV1987 numeric
ADEV1982 numeric
AH201997 numeric
AOTH1997 numeric
MFOR1997 numeric
MFOR1992 numeric
MFOR1987 numeric
MFOR1982 numeric
MAGR1997 numeric
MAGR1992 numeric
MAGR1987 numeric
MAGR1982 numeric
MDEV1997 numeric
MDEV1992 numeric
MDEV1987 numeric
MDEV1982 numeric
MH201997 numeric
MOTH1997 numeric
AAGR1982 numeric
SHAPESTArea numeric
SHAPESTLength numeric

Additional Information

Field Value
Data last updated unknown
Metadata last updated unknown
Created unknown
Format CSV
License other-license-specified
Createdover 4 years ago
Media typetext/csv
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can be previewedTrue
datastore activeTrue
has viewsTrue
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