Water Point Data Exchange (GTM)

WPdx is a platform to compile crowdsourced data focused on rural water points (wells, springs, tapstands) with contributions from governments, NGOs, and researchers. Shared data is cleaned and harmonized using the WPdx Data Standard to create a robust analysis-ready dataset. There are two primary datasets available from WPdx. The first is WPdx-Basic, which includes all records shared with the platform. The second, WPdx-Plus is a subset of the Basic dataset which focuses on countries where district and/or national data is available and undergoes additional cleaning. WPdx-Plus is used as an input to the WPdx Decision Support tools and is the basis for the datasets posted here. The decision support tools provide insights on rural basic water service access and recommendations regarding prioritized water point repair, highlight areas with apparent service gaps, and identify water points which are at high risk of failure. For each country where WPdx data is available, there are two datasets available for download are described below.

  • The wpdx_adm_region_analysis file provides an overview of the population served, unserved and uncharted for each available administrative level. The file also includes a data quality analysis based on water point record age.
  • The wpdx_water_points file provides water point level details for each point shared with WPdx including all the WPdx data standard parameters plus results from the WPdx Rehab Priority, Service Gap/New Construction and Status Prediction analyses.
  • A data dictionary describing each parameter included in each file is available in the Data and Resources section.
    To share data with the WPdx platform, please visit (www.waterpointdata.org/share-data) and/or reach out to info@waterpointdata.org

Data and Resources

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