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  • VnpProcServiceV2

    Common web service for VONAPP Finds all the vnp process information, find vnp process information by primary key, create vnp process information, update vnp process information,...
  • AwardDocService

    Supports operations to access data related to (Compensation and Pension) Awards. This service will be the award document interface for eDocument
  • IntentToFileWebService

    A veteran can initiate an Intent To File (ITF) a claim for VBA benefits by initiating a VBA claim via multiple web enabled front ends or by submitting a paper claim to...
  • VnpProcFormService

    Common web service for VONAPP Finds, creates and deletes VONAPP (Veteran Online Application) form data entered online by the Veteran or other authorized claimant
  • VnpChildSchoolService

    The VONAPP VnpChildSchoolService is a Common Web Service for VONAPP.
  • SuspendResumeService

    Reads the Award event data by award type, beneficiary ID and Veteran ID. Generates, deletes, authorizes Suspend Resume Service.
  • VnpTempDataRfrncService

    Common web service for VONAPP A reference table containing kinds of temporary data stored for VONAPP processing. It will find all the Temporary Data Referenced, Find Temporary...
  • ProPath Display RACI API

    Displays the process' RACI in its conventional RACI format/chart
  • VIERS- User Preference Service

    The Preferences service provides a means to store, retrieve, and manage user preferences. The service supports definition of enterprise wide preferences, as well as preferences...
  • RvnPersonEJBService

    Reads person profile information for a person
  • WvnMltyDecEJBService

    Inserts/Updates/Deletes military decorations
  • CP&E Claim Adapters Service

    Web service proxy/wrapper for CP&E capabilities/data. This interface will retrieve a Bill of Collection record from CP&E and enable a CRM user to view the Bill...
  • SvnSvcPeriodEJBService

    Reads military tour information, with service period entered-on-date and released-date
  • DependencyDecisionService

    Used to review and/or record Dependency decisions for the VeteranÆs family member when considering award generation
  • Single Sign On External (SSOe)

    Provides single sign-on solution for external facing VA applications. Authenticates users with CSP credentials and other externally-issued credentials (including mapping of...
  • Validation

    Validation to ensure data and identity integrity. DAS will also ensure security compliant standards are met.
  • UserInformationServiceV2

    Finds all the user information by data supplied.
  • ClaimManagementService

    Allows the Claim Status and Claim Level Suspense to be read and updated
  • ProPath Display Process Overview

    This API displays an overview of the process including the description, goals, associated roles (linked to their detailed information). It also displays all of the process'...
  • Enterprise Military Information Service (eMIS) Military Information Service

    The service is the authoritative service for a veteran's military service record and the coordination point for updates and corrections between the DoD and VA.
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