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  • Test tags for json

    {"default_tags": [{"name": "AmeriGEOSS"}, {"name": "Global"}, {"name": "GEO"}, {"name": "GEOSS"}, {"name": "UN Data Catalog"}], "default_groups": ["amerigeoss", "global-provider"]

    — Organization: AmeriGEOSS Dev

  • USGS Event Support Maps


    — Organization: AmeriGEOSS Dev

  • AmeriGEOSS SDG Resources ArcGIS

    Harvest data from arcgis https://sdgs-amerigeoss.opendata.arcgis.com/

    — Organization: AmeriGEOSS Dev

  • United Nations Data Catalog

    United Nations Data Catalog for open data [CKAN] {"default_tags": [{"name": "AmeriGEOSS"}, {"name": "Global"}, {"name": "GEO"}, {"name": "GEOSS"}, {"name": "UN Data Catalog"}], "default_groups": ["amerigeoss", "global-provider"]}

    — Organization: United Nations Data Catalog

  • Jamaica

    Open Data site for Jamaica [DKAN] http://data.gov.jm/data.json

    — Organization: Jamaica

  • Costa Rica

    Open data Costa Rica [Junar] Configuration {"groups": "amerigeoss"}

    — Organization: Costa Rica

  • Chile

    Harvest data from Chile open data site. [CKAN] http://datos.gob.cl/api/3 #Configuration: {"default_tags": [{"name": "AmeriGEOSS"}, {"name": "National"}, {"name": "GEO"}, {"name": "GEOSS"}, {"name": "Chile"}], "default_groups": ["amerigeoss", "national-provider"], "clean_tags": "true" }

    — Organization: Chile

  • El Salvador

    # CKAN Open data for El Salvador https://datos.gob.sv # CONFIGURATION: {"default_tags": [{"name": "AmeriGEOSS"}, {"name": "National"}, {"name": "GEO"}, {"name": "GEOSS"}, {"name": "El Salvador"}], "default_groups": ["amerigeoss", "national-provider"], "clean_tags": "true", "private_datasets": "True" }

    — Organization: El Salvador

  • Guatemala

    Harvest open data from Guatemala #Configuration: {"default_tags": [{"name": "AmeriGEOSS"}, {"name": "National"}, {"name": "GEO"}, {"name": "GEOSS"}, {"name": "Guatemala"}], "default_groups": ["amerigeoss", "national-provider"], "clean_tags": "true" }

    — Organization: Guatemala

  • Peru

    Harvest data from Peru open data site [DKAN] http://www.datosabiertos.gob.pe/data.json {"default_groups": ["national-provider","AmeriGEOSS"]}

    — Organization: Peru


    Harvest from a single organization in a CKAN instant This is for testing purposes.

    — Organization: z-CKAN TEST

  • World Bank Data

    Data from the World Bank -- Requires DDI Importer Extension https://datacatalog.worldbank.org/data.json https://datacatalog.worldbank.org/api/3/action/current_package_list_with_resources http://extensions.ckan.org/extension/ddi-importer/

    — Organization: World Bank

  • AmeriGEOSS ArcGIS

    Harvest data from the AmeriGESOS AGOL disasters site. https://geopathways-amerigeoss.opendata.arcgis.com/ {"default_groups": "amerigeoss"}

    — Organization: AmeriGEOSS Dev

  • Arctic SDI

    http://arcticsdi.lm.se/geonetwork/srv/en/csw http://arcticsdi.lm.se/geonetwork/srv/en/csw?service=CSW&request=GetCapabilities http://arcticsdi.lm.se/geonetwork/srv/en/csw?request=GetCapabilities&service=CSW&acceptVersions=2.0.2&acceptFormats=application%2Fxml http://arcticsdi.lm.se/geonetwork/srv/en/csw?request=GetRecords&constraintLanguage=CQL_TEXT&typeNames=csw%3ARecord&resultType=results&startposition=1

    — Organization: Arctic SDI

  • UN Food and Agriculture Organization


    — Organization: UN Food and Agriculture Organization

  • CSW Harvest Test

    CSW Test

    — Organization: AmeriGEOSS Dev

  • Dominican Republic

    Open Data site for the Dominican Republic [CKAN] https://datos.gob.do/ {"default_tags": [{"name": "GEOSS"}, {"name": "GEO"}, {"name": "AmeriGEOSS"}, {"name": "National"}, {"name": "Dominican Republic"}], "default_groups": ["amerigeoss", "national-provider"]}

    — Organization: Dominican Republic

  • CEOS

    CEOS Harvest CSW http://cwic.wgiss.ceos.org/cwicv1/discovery?service=CSW&version=2.0.2&request=GetCapabilities {"cql": "title LIKE '%Fire%'"} {"cql": "title LIKE '%Suitability%'"} http://data.linz.govt.nz/feeds/csw?service=CSW&version=2.0.2&request=GetCapabilities http://cwic.csiss.gmu.edu/cwicv1/discovery

    — Organization: AmeriGEOSS Dev

  • doi-data

    harvest source for data.doi.gov

    — Organization: United States

  • United States Data.Gov

    United States Data.Gov

    — Organization: United States