CHEMFLUB: a computer code model for fluidized bed coal gasification reactors. Volume II. User's manual

This manual is the result of a detailed analysis of the CHEMFLUB code. The first portion, Chapter II, consists of a description of the variables needed to run CHEMFLUB and output variables which contain the results produced by the code. Chapter III provides all of the information needed to run CHEMFLUB including setting of input variables, printing output options, constructing the calculation mesh and restarting a previous calculation. The next section, Chapter IV, is a detailed discussion of the code operation; followed by Chapter V which contains the flow charts of CHEMFLUB. Chapter VI discusses the diagnostic messages currently contained in CHEMFLUB to alert the user to incorrect input conditions, calculation problems, etc. Chapter VII consists of the results of using CHEMFLUB to perform a calculation. The sample problem is discussed, the input used for the problem is shown, and the generated output is provided so that a user can verify the results produced by operating the code. The file needed to restart the calculation and the output produced are also included. The information gained from using CHEMFLUB is summarized in Chapter VIII so its limitations and capabilities can be better understood by users. 4 references, 8 figures, 22 tables.

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