Evaluation of stimulation technologies in the Eastern Gas Shales Project. [Shaped charge penetration; dendritic fracturing; tailored-pulse loading; emplaced high explosive]

A technical review has been completed of the stimulation technologies being applied to or considered for the Eastern Gas Shales. This review included a consideration of the production characteristics of the shales amenable to stimulation as well as consideration of the physical processes associated with each stimulation method. The review efforts culminated in a workshop held in Morgantown on May 18th and 19th, 1978. In this workshop, specific consideration was given to the known production characteristics of Devonian Shales, the geologic and tectonic control of Devonian shale gas production, reservoir and production simulation methods applicable to the Devonian shale, the modeling and analysis of the various stimulation methods being considered and, finally, instrumentation needs for the field evaluation of stimulation effects and the consequent changes in production characteristics. This report summarizes the results and primary conclusions of this workshop and the related efforts conducted by Science Applications during the two months preceding the workshop.

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