Namibia - Indigenous Natural Products

The eval­u­ation employs a mixed-methods approach in which qual­itative techniques and quan­ti­ta­tive ana­lysis support each other, recognizing that the techniques used will depend on the evaluation question to be addressed.

The source of information for the qualitative analysis is through Key Infor­mant Inter­views (KIIs) and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with the household and conservancy or PPO mem­ber-households and management, as well as with stakeholders in the tour­ism sector from the pri­vate-sector and asso­­­­ciated regulatory bodies.

In the case of the quantitative analysis, control groups are not available for the evaluation of either the CS activity or INP sub-activities. The CS activity is taking place in most of the conservancies of the North­ern Communal Areas (NCAs), which were selected for their tourism potential. Conservancies out­side of this activity are generally in areas with differing natural endowments and market access and, as such, cannot serve as a com­par­able set of non-intervention conservancies. In the case of the INP sub-activities, it is not feasible to establish a valid comparison group because the intervention cov­ers nearly the entire INP producer pop­u­la­tion. Instead, a type of a reflexive (before-and-after) design called a dose-response model is employed whereby each conservancy or PPO at base­line con­tri­butes to our understanding of the coun­ter­factual by allowing us to infer whether dif­fer­ences in the amount of Compact assistance (the “dosage”) influence and, there­fore, impact on CS or INP per­formance.

The model iden­tifies likely program impacts by estimating the marginal effects of different inter­ven­tion levels (e.g., intens­ity of training or number and type of grants) on out­puts and out­comes of inter­est at critical points along the causal chain from the short to medium run. Ori­gin­ally, program impact on household income, the ultimate expected result by MCA-N, was to be a focus of exam­in­a­tion, but it is now accepted that such changes would not likely be large enough to be detec­ted over the relatively short evaluation period.

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