NATCARB CO2Sources v1501 (Archived)

The NATCARB Sources dataset provides a single, seamless spatial database of stationary sources of atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions across the USA and parts of Canada compiled from regional datasets created by the RCSPs. The spatial distribution of carbon dioxide emission estimates in this dataset are intended to be used as an initial assessment of stationary sources only. Stationary sources are particular, identifiable, localized sources of emissions, and include such operations as power plants, ethanol plants, petroleum and natural gas processing facilities, cement and lime plants, agricultural processing facilities, industrial facilities, iron and steel production facilities, and fertilizer production facilities. Non-stationary sources of CO2, such as transportation, and non-point sources, such as widespread land use practices, are not included in this data set. RCSPs either used emissions estimates from the EPA Greenhouse Gas database or calculated emissions estimates using other publicly-available databases (e.g., eGRID, IEA GHG, and NATCARB) and emissions factors. Calculation methods for a given source type vary by RCSP.

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Maintainer George Hall
Last Updated August 9, 2019, 04:19 (CDT)
Created August 9, 2019, 04:19 (CDT)
Citation "\"\""
Data History "\"v1501\""
Is NETL associated "\"Yes\""
NETL Point of Contact "\"Maneesh Sharma\""
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NETL program or project "\"ORD\""
Organization "\"National Energy Technology Laboratory\""
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spatial "\"{\"type\":\"MultiPolygon\",\"coordinates\":[[[[-65.7421875,50.736455137010665],[-65.7421875,24.686952411999155],[-126.91406249999999,24.686952411999155],[-126.91406249999999,50.736455137010665],[-65.7421875,50.736455137010665]]],[[[-152.2265625,24.367113562651276],[-152.2265625,17.476432197195532],[-161.89453125,17.476432197195532],[-161.89453125,24.367113562651276],[-152.2265625,24.367113562651276]]],[[[-109.86328125,71.9653876991313],[-109.86328125,46.800059446787316],[-169.98046875,46.800059446787316],[-169.98046875,71.9653876991313],[-109.86328125,71.9653876991313]]]]}\""