NATCARB OilGas v1501 (Archived)

This dataset provides a single, seamless spatial database of carbon storage potentials for oil and gas reservoirs across the USA and Canada compiled from regional datasets created by RCSPs and the KGS. Storage resource estimates are based on physically accessible CO2 storage pore volume within subsurface geologic formations, and on the assumption that the storage resources are open systems in which in situ fluids will either be displaced from the injection zone or managed accordingly. Economic and regulatory constraints are not considered. These data are intended to be used as an initial assessment of potential geologic storage and are not a substitute for site-specific assessment, testing, and geologic investigation. This spatial data layer provides carbon capture and storage (CCS) project developers a starting point for further inquiry into CCS technologies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and is intended for use by RCSPs, project developers, and governmental entities for regional- and national-scale assessments of potential CO2 storage resources in the United States and parts of Canada.

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Maintainer George Hall
Last Updated August 9, 2019, 03:51 (CDT)
Created August 9, 2019, 03:51 (CDT)
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Data History "\"v1501\""
Is NETL associated "\"Yes\""
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NETL program or project "\"ORD\""
Organization "\"National Energy Technology Laboratory\""
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spatial "\"{\"type\":\"MultiPolygon\",\"coordinates\":[[[[-61.17187499999999,50.62507306341435],[-61.17187499999999,25.3241665257384],[-125.859375,25.3241665257384],[-125.859375,50.62507306341435],[-61.17187499999999,50.62507306341435]]],[[[-103.35937499999999,40.17887331434696],[-103.35937499999999,36.87962060502676],[-121.81640624999999,36.87962060502676],[-121.81640624999999,40.17887331434696],[-103.35937499999999,40.17887331434696]]],[[[-111.97265625,72.01972876525514],[-111.97265625,42.553080288955826],[-168.75,42.553080288955826],[-168.75,72.01972876525514],[-111.97265625,72.01972876525514]]],[[[-150.1171875,25.64152637306577],[-150.1171875,17.14079039331665],[-161.19140625,17.14079039331665],[-161.19140625,25.64152637306577],[-150.1171875,25.64152637306577]]]]}\""