Oklahoma Wellbore Rasters

Seven raster surfaces generated from wellbore information that are thought to influence fluid and or gas migration in the subsurface. Wellbore information was originally retrieved from the IHS Energy Group (current as of April 2015), which is a proprietary, commercial database containing information for most oil and gas wells in the U.S. Processing of wellbore information into gridded cells was performed to provide a graphic solution to overcome the problem of displaying proprietary well data. No proprietary data are displayed or included in the cell maps. These rasters were developed to serve as inputs to the SIMPA (Spatially Weighted Multivariate Probabilistic Assessment) tool. Each raster surface is a derivative product of wellbore dataset. Each raster represents a single wellbore attribute or combination of attributes that speak to the following wellbore characteristics: number of recompletions, year spud, year abandoned, year completed, number of abandoned wells, hole direction, switch from production to injection. The original wellbore information, retrieved from the IHS Energy Group, are in the form of points – these derivative rasters aggregate point attributes to approximately 1,000-meter resolution grid cells. Each raster only includes cells that contain wellbores with the characteristics represented in each surface (i.e. if the wellbores in a given cell have no year abandoned data, the cell is not included in the raster). Since the raster cells combine data from multiple points in many cases, methods such as the average, minimum, and count are used to summarize the information in each cell. The specific operations used to develop each raster are detailed in its metadata.

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Citation "Katherine Jones, Jennifer Bauer, Devin Justman, Gabe Creason, Patrick Wingo, Kelly Rose. Oklahoma Wellbore Rasters, 2019-03-28, https://edx.netl.doe.gov/dataset/simpa-wellbore-rasters"
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spatial "{"type":"MultiPolygon","coordinates":[[[[-94.3505859375,37.142803443716836],[-94.3505859375,33.578014746143985],[-103.16162109375,33.578014746143985],[-103.16162109375,37.142803443716836],[-94.3505859375,37.142803443716836]]]]}"