VT Renewable Energy Sites - Waste Vegetable Oil Biodiesel

(Link to Metadata) The Renewable Energy Atlas of Vermont and this dataset were created to assist town energy committees, the Clean Energy Development Fund and other funders, educators, planners, policy-makers, and businesses in making informed decisions about the planning and implementation of renewable energy in their communities - decisions that ultimately lead to successful projects, greater energy security, a cleaner and healthier environment, and a better quality of life across the state. Energy flows through nature into social systems as life support. Human societies depended on renewable, solar powered energy for fuel, shelter, tools, and other items for most of our history. Today, when we flip on a light switch, turn an ignition or a water faucet, or eat a hamburger, we engage complex energy extraction systems that largely rely on non-renewable energy to power our lives. About 90% of Vermont's total energy consumption is currently generated from non-renewable energy sources. This dependency puts Vermont at considerable risk, as the peaking of world oil production, global financial instability, climate change, and other factors impact the state.

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